Why is my wifi not working?

Why is my wifi not working?

wifi not working

Why is my wifi not working?

We are living in the generation where internet is considered as essential part of our life and the absence of internet makes our life meaningless. People say that internet gives significance to our life. There are many benefits of using internet and the list will be very long if you try to list. The absence of internet makes life bored, lazy and unimproved. There are numerous opportunities provided by internet for all kinds of people and the matter is which is for whom.

The improvements in the technology and the craze of such technologies have made people addicted to it. Since it has become an addictive, the absence of such addictive things makes the people upset and they are not able to keep their composure. People becomes annoyed, tensed and even discouraged by the absence of internet. If everything goes well then it is not an issue but if something goes wrong with the internet like slow speed, signal weak, no connection people takes that day as bad day and they want to fix it immediately. They find all sources to get the connection problem fixed. Internet is used by various people from children to the old age people. All age group people have become crazy about internet for entertainments like songs, movies, games, social media and much more.

The important of absence of internet is the people who base their income on internet suffer a lot. We can see many freelancers mushrooming everywhere and the opportunities for freelancing keeps increasing. The internet has become source of income for many people around the world. There are full time earners and part time earners with jobs doing in online or through business doing in online. If the people who source their income through internet then they suffer loss during the absence of internet. They need continuous connection and if connection lost then they need immediate solution. Any immediate solution for this connection will be great help for them. Coming to the organizations the absence of internet incurs loss in their business if it is not fixed immediately.

People mostly connected to internet through wifi access. Wifi means wireless fidelity the process of accessing internet through few devices and no wires. Wifi is a recent internet technology which allows internet users to access internet in laptops, PC’s and other devices without wires. This is a high speed internet technology used by people at their home and office. Since it is an easy method of using internet and available in reasonable price, the usage of internet has been increased more like never before. There is no need of plugging the device into laptop or other device to use internet, we can just plug the wifi device into the plug and automatically we receive internet access in our devices.

As I discussed earlier, people are too upset with the network issues that cause no interconnection. So everyone wants the answer for the question why wifi is not working? If you provide immediate solution and fix the connection problem, most of them don’t bother about what could be the reason for no internet connection.  But it is always good to know and understand why there is no connection ad what could be the possible reasons for connection failure.

Possible reasons for wifi not working problem.

The one of the appreciative thing in this young generation is if there is problem in internet connection; they immediately try to fix that on their own. For that they search on internet through some available connection and try all the possibilities to regain the connection. If your wifi connection is lost then check these following reasons.

  • Sometimes we try to fix by imagining as if big issues have happened. But the solution would be simple. Yes!!! Try the ON/OFF feature in Wifi device and laptops. Sometimes the switch in Wifi receiver may be in OFF condition, but we fail to notice that and try to fix some other problem. So the first step to do is to check the Wifi device.
  • Next, check whether the wifi option in ON in your laptop. Some laptop brands provide dedicated button to ON/OFF wifi. But other laptop brands provide shortcut key or function buttons to switch ON/OFF wifi in laptop. You may have light that indicates about whether wifi is ON or OFF in the laptop but this indication may not be in all laptop brands. Another problem in the laptop or computer would be the device driver to access wifi in laptop or computer may be outdated. If you check that and update the driver, the problem will be fixed.
  • Go to network connections and view network connections to check whether the wifi connection is enabled or disabled. Probably for many people this would be a great solution for wifi not working issue. Next to this do check whether the wifi network security key you have provided is right. If it is wrong try to find the right key and update it to connect and have successful connection.
  • Check whether there is a connection in the wifi network you are using, because the data could have been used or finished, validity period of the connection for e.g. 30 days plan, 3 months pan could have expired. If you do recharge the connection using the number assigned to you, access will be restored.
  • Sometimes the wifi set up may not be perfect; you might have missed the info showed by the computer that the “device is not installed properly” click here and trouble shoot. In such case you have to uninstall the settings from control panel and reinstall properly and don’t forget to recheck whether you are doing it in a right way.

Rather than feeling upset about wifi not working issue, it is better to learn about the possible reasons for not working and try to fix on your own. This will save your time and money and you don’t need to depend on somebody else always.

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